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Keeping Room


Keeping Room

Today I learned about a new concept called the “keeping room” from one of our current design projects at work.  Keeping rooms originated around the colonial period and are rooms directly attached to the kitchen.  They are usually multi-use rooms for preparing meals, doing chores, and laundry.  Because they had fireplaces or kitchen stoves, oftentimes the family would sleep there at night to keep warm during the colder months.

Today’s Homes

You can find keeping rooms in homes today similarly placed next to the kitchen where family members gather.  It’s an old concept, but they are still used in today’s homes.  Sometimes they are called family rooms, sun rooms, dens, great rooms, and so forth.  Keeping rooms can even be as simple as a sofa and a couple end tables in a corner of the kitchen.

Place For Gathering

What I love about them is that they give families the opportunity to be together and enjoy each other’s company in the heart of the home.  In essence, as long as they serve the purpose of a place for gathering and being together, they serve their purpose.

Examples of Keeping Rooms

I’m sharing some examples of keeping rooms below.  All images are via Pinterest.

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