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Natural Winter Decor

Natural Winter Decor

Even though Christmas is over, there is still some natural Winter decor that you can use in your home during the next few months of the season.  One of the best reasons to use what’s natural is because it doesn’t cost anything and you don’t have to store it.  A lot of these items can be found outside in your yard or locally on a nature walk.

What To Look For

If you like the idea of natural winter decor, you might want to consider some of the following:

-birch logs
-twigs and branches
-pine boughs
-paper whites.

All of these can be used as a centerpiece on your table, displayed on your mantle, or interspersed throughout your home.

My favorite is a simple bowl of oranges on the kitchen island.

Winter Citrus Potpourri

DIid you see yesterday’s blog post on how to make yummy citrus winter potpourri with some of the ingredients listed above?  In case you missed it, you can click here for the recipe…


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