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Does it Matter if You Live in a Pinterest-worthy Home?

Does It Matter If You Live in a Pinterest-worthy home?

I’ve been thinking a lot about today’s blog post and want to share some things with you.  This topic has been crossing my mind a lot lately and has to do with social media.  Does it matter if you live in a Pinterest-worthy home?

My Job Versus My Reality

As many of you know I’m a high-end residential interior designer in Salt Lake City.  I’m part of an extremely talented team that designs beautiful custom homes you’ve seen on Pinterest and Instagram.  I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such talent and beauty for my job.

With that being said, as much as I LOVE helping to design these incredible custom homes, it’s not how I live.  As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a humble 1900 square-foot farmhouse that was built 100 years ago.  Andy and I both had to start completely over in life a few years ago and this little house is our new beginning.  As hard as it is for me to admit, yes, it’s a challenge comparing my little house with the gorgeous perfectly designed homes that I help design.

BUT, I also realize that at 37 years of age, my life completely changed.  I moved back in with my parents for four years to start over.  I went back to school, graduated, found a job, and bought our farmhouse.  Our home might not be a dream house or Pinterest- worthy, but it’s OUR home and it represents everything we’ve fought for and achieved over the last few years.  I’m proud of it and proud of us for achieving what we have with so many insurmountable odds.

Celebrate What You Have

I hope you feel the same way about your home.  Even if it doesn’t meet the standards of  being “Pinterest-worthy” or “Instagram-worthy,” you should celebrate what you have because it’s yours.  You created it and no one else has a home like it!  Make whatever you have beautiful to you!



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