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A Woman’s Kingdom

A Woman’s Kingdom

When I think of home, often the first person I think of is my mom.  It’s not that my dad was never home, but since he worked and traveled a lot, my mother was the constant presence there.  Not every home is traditional like this where the dad goes to work everyday and the mom stays home to care for children and make a home.  There are all kinds of scenarios for home life and the modern family, but in general, home is regarded as a woman’s kingdom.

Unique Role

Every member of the family has a role, but it’s women who set the tone of the home.  Our mood, our attitude, and our level of involvement affect everyone in the home.  As women, we are given a tremendous amount of power and responsibility in our unique role.  If you think about it, home is a reflection of the woman who lives there.  Have you ever gone into a home and immediately gotten a sense of who lives there?  Most of the time it’s the woman’s personality that you’re seeing.  Aside from the occasional La-Z-Boy that the husband has picked, the woman has probably chosen everything else.


Every home you enter, regardless of the length of stay, leaves an impression.  You know right away if the home is taken care of; if there is joy and beauty in the home; you know if love resides there.

What kind of influence are you going to make in your home?

I’d love to know your thoughts….





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    1. Thanks, Mom! I have you to thank for my viewpoint and outlook on home! You and Dad provided the perfect home life for us growing up!!