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Flower Arranging With Different Containers

Flower Arranging With Different Containers

There is nothing I love more than fresh flowers.  They are beautiful, uplifting, and bring joy to everyone they come in contact with.  Floral designers must have the best job in the world!  I once took a floral design class when I was in college (the first round).  It was so long ago, though, that I don’t remember much.  I wish I could say I’m an expert at designing floral arrangements, but I’m not.  Most of the time I just buy pre-wrapped flowers on manager’s special at the grocery store.  However, I’ve learned how I can do beautiful flower arranging with different containers.

The Flower Selection

The first thing I do is select the flowers I’m going to use.  Since it’s almost Spring, I decided to use pink and red tulips.  I like to lay the flowers out and mix them so the different colors blend.  I also trim a little off the length (you will want to know which container you are using first, though, and adjust accordingly).

Container Selection

I’ve selected three different containers to show you the variety you can achieve using the same flowers.  The first container is a creamy white pitcher.  The second container is an old galvanized milk can.  The third container is a ceramic urn with handles.

I would love to hear how you arrange flowers and what containers you use!

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You can shop the post below.  The first two containers are old, but I’m found some that are similar.


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