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French Lavender Sachets

French Lavender Sachets

When I was growing up, my favorite book to read was Anne of Green Gables.  I can’t tell you how many times I read it because it’s too many to count.  I do know that I loved it so much, however, that I bought an Anne of Green Gables Treasury book as well.  It had crafts, recipes, and activities to do from the time period.  I first made French lavender sachets after reading that book, and it’s from there that I got the idea to make them again after so long!

The Supplies

These sachets are really easy to make even if you don’t know how to sew.  The instructions I’m sharing show how I sewed these, but there are other alternatives to sewing them (including purchasing them from my Etsy shop).

You need lavender flower buds, some fabric, supplies for sewing, and a rubber stamp (if desired).

The Process

I cut the pale blue linen fabric into 5″ squares to allow for the seam (the finished dimensions are approximately 4.5″ x 4.5″).

I then sewed three sides of the square sachet and left the last side side open.

Next, I turned the sachet right side out and ironed the seams to make it flat.

After the sachet was ironed, I used two different rubber stamps and left the third one plain.  One of the stamps is a monogram and the other is a floral wreath.

Then I stuffed the sachet with the lavender flower buds.  I recommend not using so much lavender that the sachet bulges too much.  I think the sachets are better in drawers if they are not bulging.

Finally, I hand stitched the last side closed to finish the sachet.

If you don’t sew, you can purchase little cloth bags with a drawstrings, or you can use a ribbon to close the bags shut once you have filled them with lavender.

You can store the French lavender sachets in drawers, under your pillow, or place them in freshly laundered linen to leave your clothes smelling faintly of lavender.

Lavender is known to have health benefits that promote restful sleep, relieve stress and improve your mood.  Lavender can also be used to repel moths and insects.

I would love to see the French lavender sachets you make!

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