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Your Guide To Table Settings

Your Guide to Table Settings

When I was young and engaged to be married, my future in-laws took my fiance and me out to dinner to celebrate our engagement.  They chose a very nice French restaurant in Dallas, Texas.  I remember being very intimidated looking at all the silverware and glasses.  I really had no idea what to use or why there were so many forks and glasses on the table.  I’d never been to a restaurant that used formal table settings.  Ever since that humiliating experience, I’ve tried to familiarize myself with etiquette so I don’t make that mistake again.

Formal Table Settings

Even though we may not be having six course meals very often, it’s still important to understand the rules in case we ever do.  Nothing is more embarrassing than not knowing which fork to use for which course.  I’ve provided a template you can use showing how the flatware is laid out in relation to the plates and glasses.  Just remember that symmetry is very important in formal place settings and always use flatware starting from the outside and work your way towards the plate.

Informal Table Settings

Informal table settings are far less intimidating than formal table settings and use fewer utensils and glasses.  The rules are more casual.  I’ve also provided a template for the informal table setting that you can pin and refer to.


What kind of experiences have you had with table settings?  Do you tend to be more formal or informal?

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