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I’m Here To Serve You

I’m Here To Serve You

I want you to know that your thoughts and opinions about Creating Home are very important to me.  It feels like we are on a journey of growth, discovery, and exploration together.  What’s so exciting is that we are just beginning!   There’s so much potential for growth at Creating Home, and I can’t do it without you!   Basically, I’m here to serve you.  I want to provide inspiration, knowledge, DIY projects, and ideas to help you in your home life.

Why I Care

I’m taking an online class right now for creative entrepreneurs.  There’s 150 students enrolled from all over the world.  Creative people have strengths in many areas but not always in running a business.  I’m about three weeks into the course and am learning so much!  There’s a lot of homework involved, but it will be helpful in the end.  It’s really helping me define my vision and mission statement so I can serve YOU better.

Market Survey

One of my assignments is to do a market survey to get your opinion.  If you could take a few minutes of time to answer six simple questions, I would appreciate it!!  The market survey gives you a chance to influence future content.

The survey is anonymous through Survey Monkey.  Thank you for your help!!

Create your own user feedback survey


P.S.  The new website is done and will launch next week!  I’m so excited to share it with you!


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