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Everyday Happiness

 Everyday Happiness

Everyday Happiness

Right now it’s Spring break for Emily (our Utah State student), and in another month Rachel (our high school student).  Even though we’re not going anywhere, it would be convenient if Utah schools would coordinate school breaks because it’s hard to plan anything when they’re a month apart.  I know many of you can relate to this, but it’s not always possible to go on vacations every year (or Spring break, for that matter).  Our family has a lot of expenses right now and as much as we’d love to go somewhere fun, it’s just not practical.  I’m trying to focus on everyday happiness rather than escapism.

Better Together

With most of their friends going to Hawaii and Disneyland, it’s hard to have to tell the girls we can’t afford to go on a vacation right now.  In a way, I feel like a failure as a parent not being able to take them on vacation when other parents can.  However, I know every situation is different, and I realize that a few short years ago we weren’t even together as a family.  Since we can’t choose both right now, I would take being together over going on vacation any day.

What’s Important

Both girls were home this weekend and it was fun just being together.  Aries (our Siberian husky puppy) was especially happy.  We have a rule that he’s not allowed on furniture, but someone in our family allowed him to get on Emily’s bed once, and now he thinks its fair game. As Aries was lying on the bed watching Emily put on make-up, Rachel was sitting beside him with her arm around him, and all three of them were listening to music. Aries had the biggest smile on his face.  I couldn’t bring myself to make him get off the bed because I loved seeing them all so happy together.  I know it wasn’t much, but it was a significant moment for me.

Life Lessons

Even though we don’t have much planned, we’ll be able to spend time together.  Everyone loves vacations (especially me), but I hope when the girls have their own families, they’ll look back and appreciate the smaller every-day events in life and realize we were together and happy. Vacations will come, but it’s the everyday happiness that’s important.



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