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Mix and Match Your Table

A Colorful Spring Tablescape

Now that it’s March and Spring’s just around the corner, I decided to set my table using brightly colored linens and dishes.  I’ve had the tablecloth and napkins for awhile, but since they haven’t been used since last Spring, they’re like new again.  One of the great things about rotating your dishes and linens seasonally is that they become like new.  It’s always easier to create interesting table arrangements if you can look at what you have in a new light.  I’m going to share with you inexpensive ways to mix and match your table.

Find Creative Ways To Use What You Have

It’s always fun to buy new things for a table arrangement, but it’s not always practical.  I especially have a weakness for dishes and wish I could buy them all the time, but I can’t.  Not only is it really expensive, but I just don’t have the space in my tiny home.  One way I get around this urge is by using what I have in creative new ways.

Mix and Match

If you’re looking for inexpensive ways to set your table, take an inventory of what you already have.  It’s always fun to mix and match with whatever you have and find new ways of using those items.  The important thing to remember is that everything doesn’t have to match perfectly.  In fact, it’s always more interesting if they don’t.

Find One Common Element

In my tablescape, the tablecloth and napkins don’t match, and that’s ok.  Since the tablecloth is mostly blue, I used a set of colorfully striped napkins to pair with them.  I used the blue stripe in the napkins to coordinate with the blue in the tablecloth.  As long as you can find one common element, you can mix and match with ease.  The yellow in the lemons and daffodils contrasts nicely with the blue and white.  I could have paired any color with the blue, but yellow and blue go so well together that I chose yellow for a centerpiece.  The lemons I already had and the daffodils were purchased for a few dollars at the grocery store.  White dishes are a great staple and can be mixed with anything.

What’s Your Secret?

Just remember to use whatever you have and find one common element to mix and match effectively.  What do you like to do with your table?  I’d love to hear how you mix and match your table…

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