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Name That Spring Flower

Name That Spring flower

Name That Spring Flower

I grew up in the South and it seemed like everyone knew the names of different types of flowers and trees.  Somehow I missed out on a lot of that that knowledge.  If somebody were to point out a flower (other than the majorly common ones), I’m not sure I’d know what it was.  I’m trying to remedy that by studying flowers as I get ready for Spring gardening.  I thought it would be fun to create a mood board to see how many of you can name that Spring flower.

Spring Flowers

How many of you knew the names of all the flowers just by looking at the image?  If you did, I’m very envious!  Flowers are my favorite things so you’d think I’d know more about them.  During the Winter, a lot of people make lists of all the flowers they want to plant in the Spring. I’m fairly new to gardening, but I can see myself doing that in the future.

Blooming sequence

Depending in which part of the country you live, some flowers will bloom sooner than others.  The sequence of blooming is generally the same everywhere, however.  In late Winter/early Spring, you can expect to see crocuses, camellias, and snowdrops.  In early Spring, you’ll find daffodils, irises, and pussy willows.  Mid-Spring brings tulips, hyacinths, and primrose flowers.  Finally in late Spring you’ll find lily of the valley, lilac (my favorite), and peonies.

Which ones are your favorites?

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