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Wildflowers For A Cutting Garden

Wildflowers for a cutting garden

Wildflowers For A Cutting Garden

Happy first day of Spring!! I’m sure you can tell, but I’ve been in such a gardening mood lately with Spring finally arriving. All I want to do is look at gardens, plan gardens, and prepare for gardens! Andy and I have our fruit and vegetable garden planned out, so now I’m turning my attention to a flower garden. Flowers are such a huge part of my life and always have been. This year, I want to have a section of our yard devoted only to flowers, specifically wildflowers for a cutting garden. If you’re wanting to maintain your gardens lush quality, hiring the services of lawncare companies that provide for more states than just Georgia Trugreen locations.


One of the benefits of having a cutting garden is being able to have fresh flowers right from your own yard. Flowers in a cutting garden are annuals, meaning they only last from one season so they have to be replanted each year. Cutting them is actually beneficial because it keeps them blooming throughout the season. In fact, the more you take cuttings of your flowers, the more they will bloom! You can feel good about cutting all your flowers to make bouquets for your home because more will just keep blooming.

Start The Process

Now is the perfect time to plant your wildflower seedlings. My favorite place to buy flower seedlings is Floret Flower, but I noticed their wildflower seed packets are already sold out. They have tons of beautiful flower options, though. Depending on the flowers, you can start your seedlings 10-12 weeks before the last frost and then plant them outside when the last frost occurs.

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  1. Hello Charee, I love gardening, so I have to take care of my garden for fresh air and flowers. There are many more benefits from garden. These are the perfect tips for the garden. Thanks for sharing such a nice tips.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thank you so much for your reply on gardening…I too love it and am so excited that gardening season is here! Good luck with yours this year!