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How An Apron Changed My Life

How An Apron Changed My Life

I know what you must be thinking.  It sounds so silly to speak about an apron that way, especially because it can symbolize drudgery and oppressiveness.  I have a different perspective, though.  I want to tell you a personal story about one of the darkest times of my life and share with you how an apron changed my life.

My Story

About six years ago, I was in the middle of a bad divorce.  I was separated from my children and had to drive cross country by myself to move in with my parents so I could go back to school.  For the previous 15 years, I had been a stay at home mom.  My Humanities degree wasn’t promising any kind of lucrative career to support myself, though.  I decided to get a degree in interior design because I had always loved it and thought it would make a great career. That first Christmas I was living with my parents, my mom gave me a darling apron from Anthropologie.  Because I had to leave all my personal possessions behind (except my clothes), I had very little to show for my life.  This apron symbolized a new start for me.  It gave me hope that one day I would have my own home and family with me again.


I kept the apron hanging in my closet at my parents’ house so I could look at it everyday.  Now when I look back over the past six years and see how far I’ve come and what I’ve been able to accomplish, I’m proud of myself.  That apron gave me hope and courage to accomplish my dreams.  It has now brought me full-circle again.  As I’ve started on a new career path, my focus will be on homemaking and interior design, and I hope I’ll be able to inspire you in your own home!

A Symbol

The apron has become symbolic for me both personally and professionally.  It’s been incorporated it into the new business logo for the services I’m offering through Hire A Homemaker.  You can see it here and here.  And remember that apron my mom gave me six years ago? It now proudly hangs in my little farmhouse kitchen and is worn regularly as I care for my home.

Hire A Homemaker

For those of you who’ve been patiently for Hire A Homemaker to launch today, there’s been a slight glitch.  It will now go live tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!!  I’ll make a big announcement so you won’t miss it!!

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My apron is old, but there are some cute new ones that I love below:


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