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Easter Table

Easter Table

Setting the table for a holiday meal is so rewarding and fun!  What I love about it is how many possibilities there are.  It’s very similar to the design process because there are so many things to consider.  There’s color, scale, focal point, balance, and contrast (to name a few).  I’m going to share with you how I plan a tablescape, and I’ll use my Easter table as an example.

How To Start

One of the easiest ways to start is by picking something you want to use and go from there.  Choose your favorite set of dishes or a centerpiece you really want to use.  Once you have one choice nailed down, the others are easy because everything revolves around that first choice.  For example, if you really want to use your grandmother’s blue floral china, you can decide what linens, silverware, and stemware to use based on the blue in the china.  If you want to use a fresh bouquet of flowers as your centerpiece, pick a favorite color in the arrangement and go from there.  If it happens to be a pale shade of pink, you can coordinate the rest around that color.

Trial Run

The easiest way to make sure everything works together is by having a trial run a day or two before the holiday.  Set the table like it’s the day of your big dinner.  How does it look?  Is the centerpiece too tall?  Do the colors work together?  Do you have a variety of color, texture, and pattern to make it inviting and interesting?  This trial run helps you decide if you like what you’ve chosen.  If you don’t, you’ve got time to change a few things.

My Easter Table

For my Easter table, I’m using aqua green plates from Target that I will coordinate everything around.  Because the color is so fresh and bold, I want to keep the focus on them so I’ll use plain white serving bowls.  A fresh boquet of flowers and dyed Easter eggs will provide contrasting color and be the focal point.  The colorful Anthropologie tea towels will be used as napkins and tie in the color of the plates to the focal point. I love how bright and colorful my table looks–perfect for Easter Sunday dinner.

I would love to know what you are doing!

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