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Make Your Own Herb Butter

Make Your Own Herb Butter

Have you ever been to a really nice restaurant where they’ve served herb butter?  It tastes so heavenly, and ever since I tried it I’ve been wanting to make my own.  If you grow your own herbs, it’s even easier to make because most of the ingredients can be found in your own home.  Today I’m going to teach you how you can make your own herb butter.

What Is Herb Butter?

Another name for herb butter is compound butter.  Basically, it’s a combination of butter and various herbs that can be used to enhance the flavor of food.  It can be used on steak, seafood, steamed vegetables, and corn on the cob.  My favorite way to use herb butter is on a crusty French baguette or rolls right out of the oven.  I like to keep my herb butter in little ramekins for serving.  Make sure to keep it refrigerated when not in use and pull it out about half hour before serving so it’s not so hard and cold.  Once made, herb butter will last about a week or two in the refrigerator and about a month in the freezer.

Taste Test

Tonight for dinner, we had homemade rolls with soup.  We also decided to have a taste test with all three types of herb butter to see which one was the family favorite.  Each of us ended up having a different favorite, but we all agreed that they were yummy!  It was a fun way to try them all out!


I’m including the recipes for three different herb butters I made.  They are fresh herb butter, Mexican-flavored herb butter, and Italian-flavored herb butter.  I would love to know which one is your favorite!

Have you ever made herb butter before?

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