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May Day Basket

May Day Bakset

The tradition of giving away May Day Baskets is one that’s not followed as much anymore.  In the past, flowers, candy, and goodies were gathered and placed in a basket.  The baskets were then hung on a neighbor’s door on the first of May.  Given as a token of friendship, May Day baskets celebrated the arrival of Spring.  They could also be given as an expression of romance, however.  The baskets were supposed to be hung in secret at night, but if the person was caught, a kiss could be demanded.  Those days of innocence seem long gone, which is why this tradition was only popular in the 19th and early part of the 20th century.

Make Your Own May Day Basket

However, the quaint idea of leaving Spring flowers for friends and neighbors is a wonderful idea and so easy to do!  The basket you see hanging on my door is just a simple cardboard box with ribbons attached to the sides.  I added a variety of colorful flowers and hung it on a nail.  You could easily attach a ribbon hanger and hang it on a doorknob as well, however.  The important thing to remember is just to keep it light so it hangs easily.  If you don’t want to use a box, you could use a cone made of paper or tin can with string.  Finally, you can fill your May Day basket with flowers, candy, popcorn, and any other treats.  Your friends and neighbors will love you for it!

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