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Summer of Camping


Summer of Camping

With Summer coming up, my husband just bought a camper for our family to go camping in.  He’s more of a camper than I am and does all the work, but I love to be outdoors.  Usually we go camping in Yellowstone every year, but this year we want to try some of the local places near our house.  Because we live in the beautiful mountains of Utah, there are lots of options.  We plan on having a summer of camping this year!

Camping As A Tradition

I come from a long line of campers.  My grandparents went on their honeymoon to Yellowstone.  When I was growing up, my parents also took us camping quite a bit.  I mostly grew up in Texas, but every Summer we would go back to Utah where my parents were from.  Most of the time we went to Yellowstone, but we also went other places in Northern Utah and Nevada.  They were lovely childhood memories, and I’m glad we are sharing the same experiences with our own kids!  I found some old pictures of me as a child camping.  For some reason, I seem to be in the dirt most of the time…maybe that’s why I’m such a clean freak now!

Creating Home In A Camper

Camping requires creating home on a much smaller scale.  You still need all the necessities like you do at home–linens, tableware, silverware, bedding, and so forth.  The only difference is that the aesthetics are different and functionality is essential!  Durability is also important since everything will be used outdoors.  What’s so great about camping is all the fun colors and patterns you can find.  Gingham and plaids are especially fun!  I tend to like vintage camping products, and there are some great ones out there.  I’m sharing some options below.

Do you and your family camp?  If you live in Utah, I’d love some good recommendations!

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Summer of Camping

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  1. Fun pOst! It’s so fun to go camping–glad you’ll be able to go this summer! Are all these pictures from that disc?