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Watercolor Easter Eggs

Watercolor Easter Eggs

First of all, thank you for the amazing support with the release of my new magazine!  I emailed it Saturday, so hopefully everyone got a copy who wanted one (if not, just email me and subscribe to this blog).  It’s been such a fun process for me, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!  If you want to subscribe to future editions, subscriptions begin for the May edition in just a few weeks.  I’ll let you know when Hire A Homemaker is live!  Now, onto today’s post…. I’ve been trying to find creative new ways of decorating Easter eggs.  I love to dye them every year, but I’ve seen other cute ways of decorating eggs including decoupage, stenciling, and marbling.  If you’re feeling particularly artistic, these watercolor Easter eggs are easy, fun, and unique.


All you need is some hard boiled eggs, a paint brush, watercolors, and a black pen.  This year I learned a trick of how to avoid cracks in your eggs.  If you add just a little bit of distilled vinegar to your water when boiling the eggs, it helps to keep them from cracking.  I don’t know why I didn’t know about this sooner!  To watercolor the eggs, make sure the eggs are completely dry and have a glass of water and a dry paper towel.  Dip your paint brush in the water and then in the watercolor paint.  You can tap the brush on the inside of the cup to shake off excess water.  It’s best to start off  with a light layer of watercolor.  You can always darken the paint by increasing the layers of paint you use.  In between changing paint color, you can dip your paint brush in water and then wipe the brush on a paper towel.  You can also use a black pen to give more detail to the water color eggs.

Activities For Kids

This is a great activity for kids to do.  My two teenage daughters painted these eggs and did such a beautiful job!  Most elementary-age children have watercolor paint for school that they can use.  You don’t have to have expensive paint to decorate these eggs.  What I love about this activity is that it gives children a chance to be creative.  Let me know what you think!

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