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Flavored Lemonades For Summer

 Flavored Lemonades for Summer

Flavored Lemonades For Summer

With the season of outdoor entertaining upon us, it’s a great idea to have some drink options in addition to the usual soft drinks.  Flavored lemonades for Summer are a great way to add a little variety, plus there are so many different combinations you can make.  I chose three different flavors to start with, but I’m sure we’ll be adding to our list as Summer progresses.


I made freshly squeezed lemonade, homemade peach lemonade, and homemade strawberry lemonade.  Peach is my family’s favorite flavor–especially peach Bellini tea–so we decided to make peach lemonade and hoped it would be as good.  It was!  I also wanted to try homemade strawberry lemonade because I love the version at Chili’s so much.  This recipe is a pretty good replica of that yummy drink!  Finally, I wanted good old fashioned lemonade as an option because that’s everyone’s favorite.


I mixed the three different flavors of lemonade in swingtop glass bottles with the labels that I designed.  You can find the labels here.  I then served the drinks in cute Country drinking jars with striped straws.  These lemonade flavors are so yummy–you have to try them!!!  And aren’t the glass bottles so cute?!?  You can shop the post below!


Homemade Fresh Lemonade Recipe Homemade Peach Lemonade Recipe Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

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Flavored Lemonades for Summer Flavored Lemonades for Summer Flavored Lemonades for SummerFlavored Lemonades for Summer

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