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How To Make Patriotic Fabric Stars

Patriotic Fabric Stars

How To Make Patriotic Fabric Stars

A few days ago, I shared with you my Memorial Day tablescape (if you missed it, you can find it here).  One of my favorite parts of the tablescape was the patriotic fabric stars that I made.  They were so fun to hang in the trees above my table and created a very whimsical effect.  Even though Memorial Day is over, these fabric stars can be used all Summer long–especially for the Fourth of July holiday! Today I’m sharing with you how to make patriotic fabric stars!

Customize The Stars

I originally found the idea and inspiration for the fabric stars here.  I modified the pattern a little bit and made mine various sizes.  If you’re looking to do patriotic fabric stars, look for fun patterns in red, white, and blue.  My favorite patterns were gingham, stripes, and bandana prints.  Polk-a-dots would also be really cute.  Attaching a long ribbon makes it easier to hang them outside off trees and beams.  Spraying starch on the fabric stiffens them and also makes theme easier to hang.  Avoid leaving the fabric stars hanging outside for indefinite amounts of time because the wind can blow them away and rain can ruin them.


You can see some of the images from the ones I made below.  I really loved how they turned out and am so excited to use them this Summer!!

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    1. Thanks, Mindy Sue! I kind of did them all in an assembly line over a period of a few days so I’m not exactly sure. A couple of hours!