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Tips For Creating Memorial Day Table

 Memorial Day Table

Tips For Creating Memorial Day Table

Memorial Day is only a week away, so I’m going to share tips for creating Memorial Day table!!  Since this is a holiday to be enjoyed outside, plan your table accordingly.  Plan in advance where you’re going to eat so you can prepare as much as you can ahead of time.  Make sure there’s shade for your table in case some of your guests don’t want to eat in full sun.  If you plan on having kids around, you can set up a separate table that they can help decorate (also preferably in the shade).

How To Design A Tablescape

The way to plan any tablescape is by layers varying color, texture, and pattern.  Start with the color palette first.  In this case, it’s easy–red, white, and blue for the patriotic holiday.  I’ve chosen a blue and white striped tablecloth (or you can use a table runner).  The dinner plates, silverware, and napkins are all red.  Next, the salad/dessert plate is an American flag plate which combines both colors and will sit on top, tying everything together.  The blue band around the glassware rim echos the stripe in the table linens.  Finally, make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand in case the temperatures are high.  The cute drink dispenser below is a great option, and you can fill it with red and blue fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

I would love to hear about your Memorial Day plans and how you set your table!  Who’s excited for Summer?!?!

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