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You’ve Got Mail

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You’ve Got Mail

When I was growing up, it was always so exciting to get something in the mail–a card, a letter, or even a magazine.  Today it seems like the only thing that comes in the mail is bills.  Even with email, spam seems to dominate my inbox as well.  I miss the days of eagerly waiting for the mail to arrive to in case I got something fun.  I want to bring that feeling of anticipation and excitement back again.  Who doesn’t want to hear the words, You’ve Got Mail, especially if it’s something exciting like the brand-new issue of Wilma Magazine arriving in your inbox?

Wilma Magazine May Edition

The first of every month is a day that you can look forward to because it’s the day your new issue of Wilma magazine will arrive!  Did you get yours today?  If not, you better hurry and subscribe!  Each edition will have brand-new content never to be repeated or shown on the internet.  It’s only for the subscribers of Wilma magazine.  I would hate for you to miss out on inspiring ways to be a better homemaker for you and your family.  Each issue is full of insightful creativity for your home!  Currently, only digital copies are available, but print editions will be coming soon.

Previous Editions

In case you missed any of the previous editions (like this one), they are available for purchase here.

Hire A Homemaker

Also, if you missed the blog post on how Hire A Homemaker came about, you can read it here and learn why the apron is so symbolic for me. You can also read more about the Hire A Homemaker herehere, and here.

Thank you for supporting Hire A Homemaker with your subscription to Wilma Magazine!


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