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Fighting A Garden Battle

Fighting a garden battle

Fighting A Garden Battle

We seem to be fighting a garden battle, and I’m sad to say it’s winning.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you might remember that a couple months ago, most of our seedlings got blown away in a storm (if you missed it, you can find that post here).  Then a month ago, we had a snow storm that ruined the rest of our seedlings.  We thought we were safe transplanting the seedlings outside after Mother’s Day, but a very late Spring snow storm changed all that and killed our tomatoes.  It was so discouraging!

Fresh Start

After seeing our hard work and months of planning destroyed, we decided to just start over with the garden.  We went to our local nursery and bought tomato and basil plants and got them planted.  Since it’s so expensive to buy plants, we decided to just replant the carrots, radishes, and jalapenos from seed since they grow so quickly.  We finally got everything planted, watered, and weeded.  Now we’re just hoping for the best!  Sometimes Mother Nature just wins out and all you can do is start over!

I would love to hear how your gardens are doing this year!  Does anyone else have these kinds of troubles?

Garden Signs

I did an earlier blog post on how to make the garden signs that you can find here.

Fighting a garden battleFighting a garden battleFighting a garden battle

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