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Wilma’s End of Summer

Wilma Magazine August 2017

Wilma’s End of Summer

It’s time for a new issue of Wilma to come out, and it’s a great one!  The August issue marks the end of Summer and will be the longest issue of Wilma yet with 29 pages.  After the success and popularity of the July issue, this issue needed to be able to stand on its own.  I promise you’re going to love it!  Wilma’s End of Summer issue comes out Tuesday, August 1, so make sure to subscribe TODAY so you can get your copy.

What’s New With Wilma

The August issue will feature a new series called Homemaking 101.  One Wilma subscriber asked me for step-by-step instructions on doing something for the first time, and I realized the need for this kind of information.  Sadly, there isn’t any kind of teaching of these elementary skills anymore, so Wilma will be introducing it as well as featuring the regular articles that you love.  Wilma is such a great resource for homemakers like you who want to improve their home and their homemaking skills.  If you want to be a better homemaker, but don’t know where to start, start with Wilma!  For only $5/month, you can change your life as well as the lives of your family for the better.

Past Wilma Magazine Issues

If you missed out on any past issue of Wilma Magazine and would like to get a copy, you can click on the link below.  You’ll be so glad you did because you won’t find the content anywhere else!

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Other Homemaker’s Guide Products

If you’re looking for additional ways to be a better homemaker, there are some Homemaker’s Guide products available, including Bringing Autumn to Your Home and The Homemaker’s Yearly Planner.  All are designed to help in your role of being a better homemaker.  You can get both guides by clicking on the products below.

Homemaker's Yearly Planner  Homemaker's Guide Bringing Autumn To Your Home




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