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Wilma’s Fourth of July

Wilma's Fourth of July

Wilma’s Fourth of July

I’ve received so much positive feedback regarding Wilma’s Fourth of July issue!  To my Wilma subscribers, I just want to say thank you!  This has been the most popular issue so far, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it.  This issue is full of so many ways you can celebrate Independence Day, and I hope you’ve been able to incorporate some of them into your own holiday.

What Is Wilma?

For those of you who don’t know, Wilma is a monthly homemaking magazine that I started a few months ago because I was tired of seeing the same old recycled content again and again.  I wanted to create something meaningful that paid tribute to my grandmother, Wilma, who was the best homemaker I’ve ever known.  Wilma Magazine is unlike anything you’ll find in the store.  It’s unique because there are no ads, and the content isn’t found on Pinterest or this website.  Its original content is for subscribers only.  You can be sure that the articles are original and well-thought out.  My goal for Wilma is to inspire homemakers everywhere to be the best homemakers they can.

Subscriptions Now Available

There’s still a chance to get July’s Wilma magazine as well as other past issues here.  If you’d like to subscribe for a year, you can do that here.

Finally, here are some testimonials regarding the magazine:

“I subscribed!  With the invention of Google and Pinterest, I had forgotten how much fun it was to receive a magazine subscription.  Now I look forward to this little treat being delivered to my inbox each month…full of unique, inspiring, creative, educational, and page-turning ideas!  Love, love, love!!!“–Kerri

“Your magazine is absolutely gorgeous!!  Seriously, it’s easy to read, sprinkled with excellent photos and lots of engaging ideas.”–Darlene

“Wow, I loved it and I read it all completely!  I cannot wait until the next edition.”–Brent

Have a great Fourth of July!!

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