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Halloween at The Turnaround House

Halloween at the Turnaround House

Halloween at The Turnaround House

I guess it’s the interior designer in me, but I tend to tailor my holiday decorations to the personality of my house.  The little farmhouse I live in is tricky because it’s small, practical, and has very limited places to display anything.  Although that makes it challenging, it just forces me to be more creative in how I decorate (which I secretly love).  Today I want to take you on a tour of Halloween at The Turnaround House.

Vintage Farmhouse

I love most things vintage, and because my house is almost 100 years old, I tend to lean in that direction for holiday decorating as well.  Because there isn’t a lot of display space (shelves, built-ins, etc.), I decided to create a little whimsy using paintings and mirrors.  You may remember the two ancestral portraits of my grandmothers that my sister painted.  I hung some black half masks on them for Halloween.  It’s subtle but fun, and every time I look at them, it make me smile!  I also have a candelabra mirror hanging in my dining room that I hung a ghost cling on.  Whenever the candles are lit, it makes the red jeweled eyes glow.

Halloween Tablescape

I love simple but elegant table settings, and I tend to reuse things that I love over and over again.  I got these Royal Stafford skull dinner plates last year for the Headless Horseman dinner party.  I’ve got them on repeat this month and love how they look with the Cinderella pumpkins and bat table runner.  Candlelight is always the finishing touch!

Halloween Salon Wall

Finally, my favorite Halloween decoration this year is the Salon Wall I created.  I spent four months working on it, and I absolutely LOVE it!  You can find all the details in Wilma Magazine’s Halloween Magazine here.

Happy Halloween!

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