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Personalizing Holiday Cards

Personalizing Holiday Cards

Personalizing Holiday Cards

Sending out holiday cards is not as common as it once was, so when we do send them out, we want to make sure they’re memorable and reflect who we are.  A lot of that has to do with branding and identifying a style that consistently represents us.  Have you ever received a card or a present from someone and known exactly who it was from because you recognized their style?  That’s just one example of branding.  One of the greatest compliments I ever received was from a friend recently who told me that my brand is clearly “me.”  Today on the blog, I’m sharing ways of personalizing holiday cards with a little bit of branding.

How To Make Your Cards Stand Out

Choose a theme/color palette for the year.  Try and pick a colorful envelope for your cards so they don’t get mixed up with bills that come in the mail.  For example, this year, I’m using charcoal grey envelopes with white writing for the envelopes.  I also always use a wax seal on my envelopes as well (that’s one way I brand myself).

Select a family picture.  Even with Social Media, it’s fun to send a current snapshot of your family.  I’ll be sharing our family picture with you here on this blog right before Christmas.

Use your best hand-writing to address the envelopes.  Gelly roll pens are my favorite to use, and even if your handwriting isn’t the best, somehow using these pens elevates your handwriting making it a little classier.  I like to write names so they’re bigger than the address.

Use a template.  Investing in a lettering and envelope addressing guide keeps the address portion neat and tidy.  I like the name to be big and free-handed, but the address portion neat and tidy.  Using a template helps.

Have fun.  Designing holiday cards can be stressful but shouldn’t be.  If you plan ahead and give yourself time, it makes the process a lot more fun.  I’m including some recommended supplies in this post to make it easier.

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You can shop the post in the widget below to find supplies for personalizing your own holiday cards!  Don’t forget the Christmas issue of Wilma Magazine!  There’s only a few copies left….

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Thank you for stopping by!  I’d love to see how your designing your Christmas cards this year!

Personalizing Holiday Cards Personalizing Holiday Cards Personalizing Holiday Cards Personalizing Holiday Cards Personalizing Holiday Cards

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