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A New Year With Wilma

A New Year With Wilma

A New Year With Wilma

Happy 2018!  I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and Day!  As the holiday season comes to a close, a new year begins.  With the new year comes a completely blanks slate full of possibilities.  I hope you have wonderful things planned in the months ahead!  It’s never too late to start planning and goal setting.  2018 also brings with it a new year with Wilma Magazine.  It’s so exciting because this will be the second year of publication and some fun new things are planned.  I hope you can join Wilma in living the best life possible!

January Issue

The January 2018 of Wilma includes the following articles:

-Blueprint For Life

-A Life of Joy and Beauty

-Winter Decorating

-Light Your World

-Hand-Printed Mugs


Subscription Information

Wilma comes out the first of every month in both digital and print copies.  Digital copies are $5/month and Print copies are $10/month.  One of the top reasons people subscribe to Wilma Magazine is because of the creative content that you won’t find on this website or Pinterest because it’s for paying subscribers only.  It’s like having your own personal inspiration delivered every month to you that not everyone gets to see.  Another favorite aspect of Wilma is that there aren’t any ads.  The magazine is filled with original articles and images without pages and pages of filler ads.  Why not give it a try?  You can get your subscription here and find past issues here.

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