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January Is For Creativity

January is for Creativity

January Is For Creativity

One of the great advantages of Winter (especially January) is lots of free time for projects.  Since Winter is a relatively slow time of the year, there’s time to get creative and try new hobbies or do a project you’ve put off.  January is a challenging month, so starting something fun and new will occupy your time and attention.  Have you ever been so engrossed in sewing, reading, painting, or organizing that you’ve completely lost track of time?  There’s a psychological term for this phenomenon,  but basically you get in a flow or rhythm of creativity.  January is for creativity and losing yourself in your imagination and skills.

When Creativity Stops

If you’re a creative person by nature, sometimes it’s challenging to continually come up with ways to be creative and expressive.  There were a couple of weeks in December when I was really struggling with something and felt like I lost all my creativity and inspiration.  I took a break from everything that I normally do hoping it would come back.  One night over the holidays, we were watching a movie as a family, and the movie was so visually beautiful and inspiring, that my creativity immediately came back.  I spent the next day making lists of all my ideas and things I wanted to do.  Creativity can be funny that way.

Help From Wilma

This January as you’re fighting the post holiday-blues, start a new project or hobby.  Use your creative imagination!  January’s issue of Wilma Magazine has all kinds of helpful project ideas to do during the Winter if you’re stuck and don’t know where to start.  I’ve also posted some project kits in the widget below if you’re feeling inspired to start something new.  Finally, if you missed my earlier blog post about Winter Projects, you can find it here.

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