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Something Old, Something Borrowed

Something Old, Something Borrowed

Something Old, Something Borrowed

Have you ever heard of the tradition when getting married of using something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue as good luck charms?  They’re supposed to be tokens of love to represent continuity, optimism, happiness, and fidelity for a new bride given to her by friends and family members as she starts her new married life.  Just as in weddings, homes should also have similarly meaningful traditions of something old and something borrowed for the new family’s home.

Connection To The Past

I admit when I first married, the idea of having something of my ancestors in my home probably didn’t appeal to me as much as it does today.  The older I get, the more I want to honor my past and my heritage by having keepsakes of my relatives in my home.  The few things I do have from my grandparents, I love.  They create a bond and a connection that might not be there without them.  Some of my favorite objects are worthless as far as value goes, but they’re priceless in my eyes.

Display What You Have

I have a red and white floral and heart Valentine’s Day handkerchief of my grandmother’s.  I don’t know much about it except it was hers and she used handkerchiefs a lot.  I always get it out this time of year and create a little Valentine’s Day vignette with it.  Not only do they not make things like this anymore, but I love it because of the sentimentality.  How about you?  Is there anything you’ve inherited that you display in your home?  I’d love to hear about it!  By the way, the handkerchief belonged to my grandmother, Wilma.  You might be familiar with her name because of Wilma Magazine!

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Something Old, Something BorrowedSomething Old, Something BorrowedSomething Old, Something Borrowed

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