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Valentine’s Day Inspired Home

Valentine's Day Inspired Home
Valentine’s Day Inspired Home

It’s always fun to plan a dinner or party around a holiday.  Even if you don’t have a significant other in your life, there’s still reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  There are some fun products if you want a Valentine’s Day inspired home for a special event or party.  Why not use your creativity and plan a fun evening for friends?  I’m even sharing a fun activity below that everyone will love!

Valentine’s Day Activity

Remember those days when you were a kid and decorated a box to receive all your valentine’s in?  Those days don’t have to be over!  There’s a similar activity you can do as adults at a dinner or a party.  Make sure everyone has a container of some sort as part of their place setting (a jar, box, mug, bowl–really anything will work).  It’s helpful to write their name on it.  Give everyone slips of paper–as many as there are guests at the table.  Have everyone write down one thing about each person there and place all the comments in that person’s container.  During dinner, everyone can take turns reading aloud what others have said about them.  It’s a fun activity where everyone feels loved!

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If you’re looking for other Valentine’s Day ideas, try my earlier blog posts here, herehere.  Don’t forget about Wilma Magazine!  The February issue is full of Valentine’s Day crafts to help you celebrate the whole month long!  You can subscribe here before the issue goes out February 1.

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Finally, you can shop the widget below for some Valentine’s Day inspired home products!

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