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Valentine’s Wish List

Valentine's Wish List

Valentine’s Wish List

Valentine’s Day is not one of those holidays that you decorate your house for in a big way.  But it’s always fun to have little accessories here and there to celebrate the month of love.  I like the subtlety of Valentine’s Day way more than any grand gesture.  When we were growing up, my parents always had a little box of chocolates for us on Valentine’s Day.  It was a kind and thoughtful way of implying that Valentine’s Day is for all types of love–not just romantic.  Today I’m sharing with you a Valentine’s Wish List for some red and pink home decor items to help get you ready for Valentine’s Day!

My First Valentines

I got my first “official” valentine when I was in second grade (aside from the shoe-box full of valentines that I got from my class mates every year).  A boy named Michael Resch brought a giant expensive heart-shaped box of chocolates to school and gave them to me.  I remember being mortified and probably ignored him the rest of the school year–a reaction he was not counting on.  I’m sure he regretted giving that box of chocolates.


I guess you can say I was a late bloomer and didn’t have any romantic valentines until I was much older.  To me, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love–all the different kinds in our lives.  I hope you feel the same!  I’d love to hear about your early valentine experiences….

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If you’re looking for something fun for your home, you can shop some Valentine products from the widget below.  If you’re looking for more inspirational ideas, Wilma’s February issue comes out February 1st and will have lots of creative ways of celebrating the holiday.   You can get more information here.

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