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Once a Nester, Always A Nester

Once A Nester, Always A Nester

Once a Nester, Always A Nester

Isn’t it funny how personalities stay the same, now matter what age you are?  I’m a nester and always have been.  My oldest daughter, Anna, is the same way, and I saw it in her when she was young.  When I say nester, I just mean that wherever I am, I want to make it as cozy and homelike as possible surrounded by things that I love.  When I was a child, I used to constantly clean and rearrange my room.  In fact, the picture above is my first attempt as an interior designer.  I told my parents I wanted pink and white striped wallpaper with a floral border and white wicker furniture.  Haha  Luckily my tastes have changed, but I still remember the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction I got by doing that because it still happens today.  Once a nester, always a nester, I guess.

Early Memories

I remember very vividly a memory from when I was a teenager.  My family was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the time.  My parents were out of town so my grandparents were staying with us.  It was Winter because we had a fire in the fireplace and it was snowing.  My grandparents, younger siblings, and I were all sitting in the living room watching TV.  I was cross-stitching (probably something chocolate related because that’s what I did back then).  My grandmother (Wilma) made the comment about how cozy it was.  It made such an impression on me and made me realize how much a simple home life makes me happy.


Everyone is influenced by their upbringing and surroundings.  It’s only as I’ve gotten older and have been more introspective about my life that I’ve come to realize the people who’ve influenced me and helped me become who I am today.  My grandmother is the inspiration behind Wilma Magazine.  I try to emulate her love (and my love) of homemaking, and I hope you’ll give it a try!  You can find past issues here.  I’d also love to hear about who inspires you!

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