Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine's Day Love

Valentine’s Day Love

Did you know there’s a town in Colorado called Loveland where you can have your valentines hand-stamped with a cachet, a verse, and a specially designed postal cancellation?  In 1947 the local postmasters, Elmer Ivers and Ted Thompson, started receiving dozens of requests to have their valentines stamped by people who wanted their love letters postmarked from “Sweetheart Town.”  The Valentine Re-Mailing Program began from that point on and still continues today.  Valentine’s Day love can still be sent from Loveland!

A Day For All Kinds Of Love

When we were growing up, I remember my mom having Valentines sent to us from Loveland.  It was very sweet of her to do, and I still have the card.  You can find more information on the Valentine Re-Mailing Program here.  Please note there’s a deadline for when you have to have your cards in Loveland so they can be stamped and mailed in time for the holiday.  This adorable Loveland Valentine pillow that you see here was made by my mom and reminds me of the original Valentine she sent from there when we were kids.  I get it out every February and hang it on my door.

More Valentine Inspiration

Don’t forget the February issue of Wilma Magazine for more Valentine inspiration!  I particularly love this issue because of all the fun Valentine’s Day projects in it.  You’re going to love it if you haven’t already gotten your copy!

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Valentine's Day Love Valentine's Day Love Valentine's Day Love Valentine's Day Love


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