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With Love From Wilma

With Love From Wilma

With Love From Wilma

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to be able to individually express love for all the important people in our lives.  I remember one of my favorite Valentine’s Days was when I was a young teenager.  I got a set of the American Girl Doll Valentine kits where you could make valentines using their pretty doilies, stickers, and ribbons.  I spent hours putting them all together and thinking how pretty and unique they looked.  They were also fun because I made them, and they didn’t look like the store-bought cardboard cutout valentines that most kids received.  Decades later, I still remember that feeling of making something special for people I loved.  Hopefully this year will be the same with love from Wilma!

Articles Celebrating Love

The February issue of Wilma Magazine has the following articles to help celebrate all the different kinds of love in our lives.

-Valentine’s Day Around The World

-Homemade Valentine Envelopes

-Folk Art Wood Tray

-Paper Heart Tree

-Candy Colored Cake Stands

-Valentine Apron

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