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Embroidered With Love

Embroidered With Love

Embroidered With Love

For this past Christmas, I asked my mom to embroider some dish towels for me.  I had seen her making them for some of my nieces and really wanted a set of my own.  She just finished them and gave them to me, and I couldn’t be any more in love!  Is it bad that I don’t want to use them because I’m afraid I’ll ruin them?  I just love them so much that I don’t want anything to happen to them.  I know it’s strange liking something like this in today’s modern world, but I think that’s part of the reason I love them so much.  They’re unique, vintage, and embroidered with love.


My mom and I were going through her cedar chest last week and found all kinds of embroidered linens and clothes.  Unfortunately, she has no idea who made them or where they came from.  It’s sad not being able to put a name with somebody’s work that someone invested so much time into, but at least I’ll know where these came from.  My mom also made a set for my girls for when they get their own place someday.  They’re more valuable and priceless to me than anything I could buy.  Do you have something like this that you feel the same way about?

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Embroidered With Love Embroidered With Love Embroidered With Love Embroidered With Love Embroidered With Love

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  1. Those are TRULY a treasure! I feel the same way … Hand made gifts are always my favorite. They are so much more than anything you could buy. Your mother does beautiful embroidery. I would definitely not use them. Maybe a way you could display them?