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Letters From Home

Letters from Home

Letters From Home

Andy has to travel a lot for his job, and he’s gone at least every other week from home.  For shorter trips away, I like to stick a card in his suitcase right before he leaves so he can find it when he unpacks.   For longer trips away, I like to mail him letters from home.  We do text and talk on the phone, but sometimes it’s nice to get something hand-written in the mail.  It’s always a nice surprise and seems more personal that just a text.

Not The Only Form of Communication

Whenever I watch a movie or TV show that took place a long time ago, the only kind of communication people had back then was when they wrote letters from home.  I’m always amazed at how comforting that must have been to receive a letter like that.  Even when I was growing up, I still remember receiving letters from my grandparents or pen pals in the mail and how exciting that was.  Sadly, it’s just not the same to receive texts on a phone as it is to receive something hand-written in the mail.  Even if you can just send a text, try and send something via mail every once in a while.  It’s a dying art that shouldn’t go away, and it’s always a nice surprise for the day.


It’s still possible to find pretty stationery, even though people don’t use it as much anymore.  It’s fun to write a hand-written card or letter if you have something pretty to write on and a nice pen.  I’ve included some stationery sets in the widget below if you’d like to find something special for yourself or a friend.

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