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Wilma’s Anniversary

Wilma's Anniversary

Wilma’s Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, Wilma Magazine was born.  You can read the earlier posts about it’s inception here and here.  Against all odds, she’s lasted a lot longer than anyone expected–probably more from my determination than anything else!  The mission of Wilma magazine is  to inspire homemakers using reflections of a wholesome simpler time.  It’s turned into a labor of love for a select group of people who still appreciate inspiration, beauty, and creativity in their lives.  Today, I’m so excited to present Wilma’s Anniversary issue to you!

April’s Contents

The theme for the Anniversary issue is woodland creatures, and the following articles are featured:

Away To The Woods

Farmhouse Kitchen

Enchantment Of The Forest

Woodland Family Tree

Thicket Layered Wall Art

Woodland Fairy Party

We’re lucky to have a guest contributor for this issue as well.  Megan, my sister, throws the most incredible parties, and she shares a magical Fairy woodland party for her daughter Cora.  She also offers Wilma readers tips and tricks on how to throw beautiful parties.

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