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Farmhouse Kit Home

 Farmhouse Kit Home

Farmhouse Kit Home

The farmhouse is a classic symbol of home that’s one of the most easily identifiable styles in America. Its growth out of the landscape of prairies and farmlands make it look like as if its always been there. Part of the charm and character of this style is its humility and lack of pretension. Farmhouses represent a connection to nature and to the land, and symbolize a return to the basics of living.  The Farmhouse Kit Home is a new product from Creating Home that contains everything you’ll need to design and create your own farmhouse.

An American Icon

The Farmhouse Kit Home is part of the new Creating Home Spec Kits that help you design the home of your dreams in the style you want.  Farmhouses have been around for centuries and have always been an American icon, but they have recently surged in popularity again.  They capture the essence of purity, honesty, and the simple virtues of the American family.  This vernacular style is very appealing and can be yours through the Farmhouse Kit.

What It Contains

The Farmhouse Kit Home contains all the specifications you’ll need to design your own farmhouse including (but not limited to) millwork, plumbing, appliances, lighting, tile, stone, carpet, flooring, hardware, and paint.  The Farmhouse Kit will also contain a custom pattern that you can use in the design of your own home.  Finally, all of the specifications have three price points so you can mix and match according to your budget creating a home that’s unique to you.

The Farmhouse Spec Kits go on sale Friday here.

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