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Wilma Magazine’s Trip To The Countryside

Wilma Magazine's Trip To The Countryside

Wilma Magazine’s Trip To The Countryside

I love when a new issue of Wilma Magazine comes out.  Each edition becomes a labor of love that I’m always excited to share with you.  The May issue is no exception with Wilma Magazine’s trip to the countryside.  A lot of us dream of a simpler life that lacks the urgency that so many of us face day after day – an opportunity to be a part of the natural rhythms of nature.  This issue captures the essence of that life and is inspiration for those trying to live that way.

Featured Articles

The May issue of Wilma contains the following featured articles:

-Country House

-Kitchen Herb Planter

-Lesson In Simplicity

-Foliage Is The New Flower

-Country House Decor

-Mother’s Day Craft

Don’t Fret

If you missed getting your copy this morning, you can still get a digital copy here.  If you don’t want to miss a single issue of Wilma Magazine again, subscription information can be found here in both print and digital copies.  Finally, it’s because of your interest in beauty, homemaking, and a whole simple life that Wilma is still around today.  Thank you for your support!

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