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Wilma Magazine’s Tribute to Miss Marple

Wilma Magazine's Tribute to Miss Marple

Wilma Magazine’s Tribute to Miss Marple

If you missed the post last week, Wilma Magazine’s tribute to Miss Marple is the theme for the June issue.  Miss Marple has always been my favorite amateur detective because her appearance is so deceiving.  Hiding behind her knitting and gardening, she’s been described as a cobra with white hair.  What I love about her is the unassuming manner in which she observes human nature.  She uses her keen observations and applies it to solving the crime before the police ever can.

Featured Articles

You can find the following articles in Wilma Magazine’s June issue:

-Beloved Miss Jane Marple

-Life in an English Village

-Poison Pen Letters

-Tea and Scandal

-English Garden

-Influence of Agatha Christie

Missed Your Chance?

If you missed your chance of getting Wilma Magazine’s Mystery issue that went out this morning, you can still purchase it here.  Finally, you can also get past issues here.

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