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Design Creation Versus Curation

Design Creation Versus Curation

Design Creation Versus Curation

One of the first things I learned when I was doing my interior design internship years ago was the difference between design creation versus curation.  Designing by curation means you take several items you’ve gathered and create a room or a design.  Designing by creation means you make something out of nothing using design elements and inspiration.

There are interior designers that design both ways, but one is more challenging than the other.  I feel really fortunate that I was taught and trained to design by creation because I think it’s harder to learn.  You know you’re a true interior designer when you can design a room using nothing more than inspiration and and the elements and principles of design.

Interior designers have a unique ability to see things in their heads that others can’t.  If you put a few samples together, interior designers can visualize exactly what the room will look like before it’s even built.   It’s a unique gift that some have and others don’t.

If you’re interested in becoming an interior designer, you should check out my book, So You Want To Be An Interior Designer: Interior Design School Handbook.  It guides you through every stage of the process so it’s easy to understand and do.  If you’ve got any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

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