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September 2018 Calendar

September 2018 Calendar

September 2018 Calendar

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day weekend!  Can you believe that tomorrow is September 1?  I stocked up a couple weeks ago on all my favorite Fall candles and melted wax since I finally get to start burning them tomorrow.  I’ve discovered that if I don’t buy them ahead of time, all my favorite scents are gone by the time I want them.  I’m so excited for Autumn and the release of the September 2018 calendar.  I know leaves aren’t falling quite yet, but they’re already starting to change in the mountains.  The intricate pattern on the falling leaves from the calendar was something added last minute, but is a fun detail.

Previous Months Calendars

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the free calendars Creating Home has released this year.  You can find the previously released calendars by clicking on the links below if you missed any:


Happy Fall!

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