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My Favorite Room To Design

My Favorite Room To Design

My Favorite Room To Design

If I go back through the last four and a half years of Creating Home’s blog posts, the topic I’ve blogged most about the most is pantries (here, here, here, here, and here).  Pantries are my favorite room of the house and also my favorite room to design.  I’m sure most of you would have guessed kitchens, and as fun as those are, pantries are just my favorite.  Anytime I see an old house, one of the first things I want to do is look at their pantry because I’m fascinated how people lived and functioned running a home, and I think pantries are the key.  It’s where food, dishes, and linens are stored so it’s one of the most important rooms of the house.

It’s always been my goal to have a walk-in pantry, and the first thing I told Andy that I wanted included in our mountain house is a walk-in pantry.  With our future home measuring only 1629 square feet, it’s pretty impressive that I was able to squeeze it in.  The first elevations I started on our house were the pantry walls because I’m so excited to lay them all out and see how they’re going to look.

Our walk-in pantry is going to include my favorite terracotta tile, stoneware canisters, baskets, and even a little art.  Because this is going to be a mountain home, I don’t want anything too decorative, just well-designed and functional.  I’m including some of the items I want in our future pantry in the widget below.  I think the stoneware line by Hearth and Hand is really simple and beautiful and will be perfect for it…I’ve added it to my wish list!

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