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Hard To Put A Price Tag On Charm

Hard To Put A Price Tag on Charm

Houses were built so differently in 1926 than they are now.  As I sit here in my dining room typing this blog post, I often look outside the window.  Most current houses have fairly large windows, but the windows in this small little farmhouse are small and cozy.  It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this cute little home.  It’s got charm galore, but it’s hard to put a price tag on charm.

Looking out the window has made me realize how we’ve outgrown this little home.  When we purchased it in early Spring of 2015, it was going to be a family home with easy commuting access for work.  It’s directly behind the high school and close to the interstate.  Now that the kids have moved on, and I don’t have to commute daily for my job anymore, it really doesn’t fit us anymore.

Andy and I have been seriously thinking about putting The Turnaround House on the market in the Spring.  As sad as I would be to leave this little house behind, Andy and I both want something else for our future.  Every weekend, we drive around the mountains looking for land to build our future mountain home.  I know change is a big part of life, but it’s never easy.  I know we’ve got wonderful things ahead, and when we do leave this little house, it will always hold a special place in our hearts.  It’s served us well in the short amount of time we’ve lived here.

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