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Meal Planning

Menu Planning

In every home, most chores get divided up pretty evenly according to the strengths and interests of the couple.  In our home, Andy does the cooking, and I do the baking and clean-up after meals.  It works out well because he loves to cook, and I don’t mind cleaning up afterwards.  Because Andy travels for work and lives in Nevada every other week, I eat really well the weeks he’s here and eat leftovers when he’s gone.  Whenever he’s back in town, we sit down and plan our menu for the next week.  Meal planning works much better when we do it together because we both have equal say in what we’re going to eat.  And best of all, he can’t complain when it doesn’t turn out because he’s the one who made it!

I like to use the meal planning card (like the one you see above and below) to plan out the week.  I just use one card per day and save the cards–that way they can be recycled back into rotation. I’ve tried lots of other methods over the years, but this one seems to work the best.  There’s three different choices of menu cards to use–from plain to decorative.  Please feel free to print and use the ones you like the best!  Printing them out on cardstock makes them last a little longer….

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Menu PlanningMenu Planning

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