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What Happened To My Dining Room?

What Happened To My Dining Room

Everyone has a favorite room of their home where they like to work, do projects, or spread out with hobbies.  If you’re lucky enough, you’ve got a room set aside for just that purpose.  In The Turnaround House, there isn’t enough space for anything like that so I’ve taken over the dining room.  It’s actually in the perfect location because it’s between the kitchen and living room, so I’m right in the middle of everything and don’t feel isolated.  However, since I work from here and do projects from here, you can imagine how messy it’s gotten.  As I sit here typing this blog post and looking around, I keep asking myself, “What happened to my dining room?”

Before I worked from home, it looked more like this.  These days, my dining room table is buried.   I have my laptop, design samples for clients, and the quilt I’m working on spread out everywhere over the table and on the hutch.  When I first started working from home about a year and a half ago, I used to clear everything off at the end of the work day to eat.  These days, we just push my stuff aside and sit on the end.

I feel bad about it because I like our house to look nice, but at the same time, I need space to work.  As I’m designing our mountain house, Andy and I each have a room to ourselves where we can work, do projects, or just have a place for our “stuff.”  It’s going to be great because then I won’t feel so guilty about taking over the dining room.

What’s your favorite room to work in?

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