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Twelfth Day of Christmas

Twelfth Day of Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is on!  Have you started decorating yet?  Today’s blog post starts the first of a series called The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Every blog post from now until Christmas Eve will count down the days until the big day.  I’ll be sharing Christmas decorating ideas I’m using at my own farmhouse this year.  Be sure to check back often for all new holiday posts!  The twelfth day of Christmas features a beautiful Scandinavian table runner that’s become the focal point for my holiday table this year.

Anytime I look for new linens, the ones that appeal the most to me have embroidery of some kind and can be used year-round.  Although the embroidery on this table runner is machine made, it’s still pretty and gives it a homemade look.  The runner itself is cream with red stitching on the edges, so it can be used for other times other than Christmas.  In addition to the runner, I’ve added some candles and greenery to make it more festive for the holidays.

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Finally, if you’re looking for some Christmas table runners for your own home, I’ve included some in the widget below.

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Twelfth Day of ChristmasTwelfth Day of ChristmasTwelfth Day of ChristmasTwelfth Day of ChristmasTwelfth Day of ChristmasTwelfth Day of Christmas

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