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What Would You Create?

What Would You Create

I saw a video once years ago that showed an artist painting a blank canvas.  There was a voice-over in the video commenting on the process of creating something out of nothing.  The commentator then asked, “If life were a painting, and you were the artist, what would you create?”  I thought it was such a thoughtful and introspective question to ask.  Life is full of changes and edits as we try and make our lives exactly what we want it to be so we’ll be happy.

I know for me, at least, there’s a constant push/pull of doing what makes me happy as opposed to what the world thinks will make me happy.  Those two don’t always align, and that’s OK.  We need to seek out whatever that is that will inspire us to be better in our personal lives.  For some, that’s creating and influencing.  For others that’s serving and helping.  Each of us has a purpose in life, and it’s up to us to discover that purpose.  One way we can do that is by seeking inspiration–whether that’s reading a book or learning a new hobby, we can craft ourselves individually through our interests and talents.

Lately, I’ve been really drawn to craftsmanship (as I mentioned in earlier blog posts here and here).  I’ve realized that I really want to create and inspire–those two things make me happy, and I spend a lot of my time with those two pursuits.  What about you?  What inspiration do you infuse your life with?  After all, ‘Your life is a masterpiece.  You are the artist.  Bring it to life!’

PS  The sketch you see below is featured in my book, So You Want To Be An Interior Designer: Interior Design School Handbook.

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What Would You CreateWhat Would You Create

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