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Fifth Day of Christmas

Fifth Day of Christmas

Have you ever received a Christmas present that’s just too pretty to open?  I got one a few years ago just like that.  What I loved so much about the gift is that it resembled the gift giver who has fantastic taste.  I guess you could say the wrapping style reflected the person’s brand and aesthetic.  It was obvious that care and attention went not only into the gift, but the wrapping itself.  I love that!  The fifth day of Christmas features personalized gift wrapping that’s reflective of your style and taste.  Basically, it’s branded Christmas wrapping.

Every year I try a new way of wrapping my holiday gifts.  Last year, I focused on the scents of Christmas to make the packages unique (you can find that post here).  Even though I try new things, my essential style remains the same.  Often I’ll use a plain paper like Kraft paper or plain white wrapping paper.  The bows and baubles that I attach to the package change often, depending on my mood or theme for the year.

This year, I’m using a slim and pretty velvet black ribbon on white paper with a small pine bough and berry attached to it.  The color palette doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas, and that’s OK.  If you’re not a fan of the traditional red and green color scheme of the season, you can try all sorts of color combinations.  I’ve linked to some gorgeous velvet ribbons in the widget below ranging in color from dusty rose to pale blue and deep plum.  I think any of them would look really pretty on a carefully wrapped Christmas package.

Which color of ribbon is your favorite?

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Fifth Day of ChristmasFifth Day of Christmas

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